At Bethlehem we recognize that there's more to school than just the core classes. Our chapels equip our students to live out their faith and make a difference for Christ. Our specials classes like art, music, and technology challenge our students to think in new ways and try new things. Learning also happens outside of the classroom in after-school clubs and athletics. Check out the many ways Bethlehem works to train up students that believe, learn, grow, and lead!





As we kick off the 2019-2020 school year, we focus on the very foundation of our faith. We are going back to the basics as we help our students understand the what and the why of our Christian faith. We always encourage our students to be bold defenders of their faith, and we strive to give them the knowledge and the tools to do so. Our theme song “This I Believe” by Hillsong has the main components of the Apostles’ Creed done in a musical way that is so powerful because it connects what we believe in our hearts in a way that we can confess together with our lips!

Take a listen to our theme song!

Connect 2 Chapel

Would you like to be more connected with chapel? Do you want to dig deeper? We've taken the time to write up simple, thoughtful devotionals that will help you  talk with your child about chapel and help both of you grow in your faith. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

Upcoming Chapels

We invite all our school and church families to join us for weekly chapel services in our church sanctuary. We have two different formats for our chapels.

1. Combined Chapels: In combined chapels, all our students Pre-K-8th Grade meet together. Combined chapels start at 8:05 am and end around 9:00 am*

2. Split Chapels: We also regularly split our students into age-appropriate chapels. Pre-K-4th Grade chapel goes from 8:05 am to around 8:35 am with the 5th-8th Grade chapel immediately following.

Combined Chapels are indicated with a (C), split with an (S)

No in person chapels are being held at this time. To view our online chapels, please click here.

*Combined chapels during the church seasons of Advent and Lent take place at 1 pm instead of our usual 8:05 am.

** Our Christmas chapel will be in the morning on the last day before Christmas break.

*** Note: Our guest is sharing on Monday morning, not our typical Wednesday.

What Does This Mean?

What is the Lord's Prayer? What is "The Common Doxology (Old 100th)" and why does it have such a funny name? What does all this mean?

These are important questions! Whether you grew up in a Christian family or are just now learning about faith in Jesus, some of the practices of the Church can seem strange. Here's an explanation of the two practices mentioned above.

The Lord's Prayer - No one knows how to pray when he or she first becomes a Christian. Prayer, put simply, is a conversation with God. But as sinful people, we don't even know where to start the conversation or what kind of conversation God wants to have with us. When Jesus' followers asked him how to pray, He gave them the Lord's Prayer.


When we pray the Lord's Prayer, we know we're praying the way God wants us to pray. The Lord's Prayer is not to be mindlessly mouthed, but prayed purposefully. Think about it; Jesus himself gave us these words and promises that, if prayed sincerely, they will connect us thru relationship with the heart and will of God!

The Common Doxology (Old 100th) - "The Common Doxology" is a song that has been sung in the Christian church for hundreds of years! The word "Doxology" simply means saying good words about God. It is common in the sense that it's singing is widespread and the "Old 100th" refers to the tune used to sing the song. The tune itself is was written almost 500 years ago!

Do you have more questions about our church or chapel practices? Please contact Alex Holcomb or Pastor Michael Korte to learn more about the why behind what we do in worship!



At Bethlehem we encourage participation in athletics. Our athletic program exists first and foremost to glorify God. Romans 11:36 states, “For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever! Amen.” We realize that our students learn much through sport. Students learn teamwork, are challenged to develop new skills, and learn how to compete in a God-honoring way. They also learn the importance of hard work and perseverance. Together, these experiences shape our students as individuals, teammates and Christians.


Bethlehem has a variety of sports options available to our 4th-8th grade students.

Contact our Athletic Director, Lisa Duclos for more information.

2019-20 Athletic Schedules

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