Theres something different about Bethlehem Lutheran School



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We are a school…

  • Highly qualified Christian educators

  • Challenging curriculum

  • Favorable student to teacher ratio

  • Affordable tuition

  • Biblical Worldview

  • Innovative Technology

  • Family Atmosphere

  • Differentiated Instruction

  • Inspiring Chapels

Our students are…

  • God-Loving

  • Safe and Respected As Part of Our Family

  • Encouraged To Walk Out Their Faith Boldly and Grow In Their Personal Relationship With Christ

  • Challenged To Be Independent Thinkers, Creative Problem Solvers, Lifelong Learners, and Tomorrow’s Leaders

Our families…

  • Bring Various Backgrounds to Our School

  • Value a Biblical Worldview and Share Common Values and Ideals

  • Work Together to Create a Positive School Climate

  • Are Passionate about Christian Education

Christian Education

A biblical worldview is embedded in everything we do here at Bethlehem Lutheran School. All academic courses are infused with the truth of God’s Word as we seek to provide an education that will truly sustain our students throughout their lives and into eternity.


Faculty and Staff

Our highly qualified, loving faculty and staff members possess a true passion for sharing the gospel through Lutheran, Christian education. Every student is treated individually and cared for as one of our own. Our teachers are certified and dedicated to the mission of Bethlehem Lutheran School

Angel Fund

The Angel Fund Scholarship provides necessary funding for families with financial need. This allows these students to attend Bethlehem and receive a quality Christian education.


"I love Bethlehem Lutheran School because we talk about Jesus every day!  I love to do math.  It’s fun!  I have so many friends that I get to play with every day!"


"Sending my son to Bethlehem Lutheran School has been life changing for not only him, but for myself as well. The small class sizes allow for individualized learning for where my son currently is at academically. The extra elective classes of Technology, Physical Education, and Art have been a very great addition to his core subject learning! Watching my son's love for Jesus grow daily has been the biggest blessing of all. "

-School Parent

"I love my school because we have a great playground!  I love to play outside.  We have lots of fun toys in Kindergarten. We have math homework that helps me learn, and I have lots of friends.  We use the computers.  It’s fun!"