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We are a school with…

  • Highly Qualified Christian Educators

  • Challenging Curriculum

  • Small Class Sizes

  • Affordable Tuition

  • A Biblical Worldview

  • Innovative Technology

  • A Family Atmosphere

  • Individualized Instruction

  • Interactive Chapels

Our students are…

  • God-Loving

  • Safe and Respected As Part of Our Family

  • Encouraged To Walk Out Their Faith Boldly and Grow In Their Personal Relationship With Christ

  • Challenged To Be Independent Thinkers, Creative Problem Solvers, Lifelong Learners, and Tomorrow’s Leaders

Our families…

  • Come from Diverse Backgrounds

  • Value a Biblical Worldview and Share Common Values and Ideals

  • Work Together to Create a Positive School Climate

  • Are Passionate about Christian Education


Teacher Testimonial Video Fall 2022
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Teacher Testimonial Video Fall 2022
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Tiffany & Matt Brown Testimonial
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Bethlehem Student Testimonial (Spring 2022)
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Brittany McKenna Testimonial
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Melissa Noah Testimonial
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Kate Davis Testimonial
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